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Free-Throw Tips From Rick Barry

A must-have skill for any basketball player, pro and hobby players alike, is having a great free-throw shot. Players can practice this shot for hours on end and still not be where they want to be. Some of the greatest players in basketball history have close to 90% accuracy on this shot. To get to this point, players need to have a technique that is their own and be confident in what they are doing. Old school basketball lovers may recognize the name Rick Barry, who threw his free-throw shots “granny style”. A tool for any player nowadays is the ProShot Return, equipment with a net that surrounds the backboard and a return which sends the ball back to the...

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Top Five Things Scouts Look For

Those of you who are sports fans, aren’t just sports fans, you LOVE sports. The competition, the team, the adrenaline, the rush of scoring, the letdown of losing, so many things push you to be better at your game. But are you ready for the big leagues? Do you know what scouts look for when they recruit? Find out what to practice for when a scout comes to your next game. If you want to continue to improve your shooting form and basketball skills, use the ProShot Return. Top Five Things Scouts Look For Character & Sportsmanship Work ethic, sportsmanship and leadership are essential qualities for players who want to play on a pro basketball team. A player can be...

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