About Us

The ProShot Return was born out of necessity!  First and foremost, out of our founder's desire to see his daughter play collegiate basketball.  And second, out of his need to stop being her "shot-hound" while chasing down missed shots during her practice sessions.  Then he desired something that would always be ready to use when she had time outside of her busy schedule to practice.  Something that would help her to develop a superior shot form naturally without him having to evaluate if her shot mechanics were right or wrong. He desired a basketball rebounder that actually worked to his expectations and dreams.


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As a former contract Systems Engineer for major clients in the Aerospace and Defense Industries, and as a former Club-Basketball Coach, our founder and inventor of the ProShot Return spent several years engineering, developing, and patenting a personal basketball shot trainer system that was customized to meet all of those needs.


The ProShot Return is a professionally engineered and patented product that is now available for those who are serious about basketball or just starting out. This basketball rebounder is sold at a fraction of the cost most invest when attempting to secure a collegiate basketball career for their child. Check out the ROI case study to prove it.


The ProShot Return was developed as "Pro Gear" to achieve "Pro Results"!


We are certain the ProShot Return will increase your accuracy and shot percentage in just 30 days!  Giving you the edge over your competition, even on your own team