Basketball Rebounder

Basketball Shot Mechanics 101

Understanding basic shot mechanics is a key part of developing a great, consistent shot. Without good shot mechanics, you are fighting against yourself every time you take a shot. Perfect shot mechanics are something that could easily encompass an entire book, so in this blog, we will be taking a look at some of the most basic elements. Don't forget that practice makes progress!

Eyes on the prize

One of the first things you should do when you are ready to take your shot is lock your eyes on the rim. As you follow through all the steps of your shot, maintain eye contact with the rim. Resist the urge to follow the flight path of the ball, and instead, stay zoned in on the basket.

Setting your feet

Developing the proper shooting stance will help every other aspect of your shot. Think of your shooting stance as the base that everything else can build off of. Your feet should be facing towards the basket, generally speaking, and you should be in an open stance.

Proper grip

Position the ball so that it rests on the pads of your finger tips, with your fingers perpendicular to the seams of the ball. This will allow you to see the backspin of the ball after your shot, which will help you notice any inconsistencies in your release.


Maintain proper hand position, and extend your shooting arm straight towards the basket. The ball should release smoothly off of your hand with perfect, symmetrical backspin. Your non-shooting hand should not affect the path of the ball.

Follow through

After release, your fingers should be pointed straight towards the basket.

Obviously, these are the bare-bone basics to great shot mechanics. Each of these elements is difficult to master on their own, and stringing them together is another challenge altogether. The key to developing these mechanics is consistent and efficient practice. Our basketball rebounder allows you to practice your shot mechanics easier than ever before, from anywhere on the court! Shop for yours today!