Basketball Rebounder

Individual Basketball Training the Right Way

Basketball Skills and Drills

Practicing your shots can be a frustrating experience. From one part of the key, you might be sinking everything you shoot, while from another area you’re bouncing every shot off the rim, or missing completely. How will you ever improve?


Consistency is the most important part of any practice regiment. If you’re inconsistent during practice you will be inconsistent during a game. One of the best places to start working on your consistency is with your shots. Shoot over and over again from all over the court, and keep track of how many times you’re shooting from each area and how many you’re making. Tracking will help you identify what you most need to work on. Once you’ve determined your problem areas, start concentrating your focus there. Take more shots there than in the areas where you’re already consistent. Run the same drills every time you practice so you can see how your practice is starting to pay off.

Your Shooting Form

While you’re working on consistency take note of your form and technique. Is there something you’re doing in the good areas that you’re forgetting to do in the others? Are you shooting the basketball up, or just towards the hoop? Be extremely critical of your technique. Identifying and changing your technique and form is the only way that you’ll be able to improve your technique and form. Start from the basics and the rest will come, as long as you stay with it.

Consistency and your form are both integral parts of your individual basketball training. By concentrating on your form in tandem with consistency training you will see results quicker that working on one or the other. Combining disciplines also helps you to consider the game holistically — that basketball is a game comprised of many parts that each player must be aware of, and skilled at.  Remember to think about what phase you might be in, and realize that no one in history has ever been perfect.   

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