Basketball Rebounder

Become A Triple Threat Player

Becoming an all-star caliber player doesn’t happen overnight.
It takes hours of practice, dedication, and the right mindset.
It also requires sacrifice and improvement every day.
If your skills are lacking in a particular area, it may behoove you to emphasize that aspect for a given day, week, or even month of practice to refine your abilities.
One such area that players may choose to focus on is offense, particularly becoming a triple threat player.
What is the triple threat, you ask?
It is an offensive skillset which comes into play when a player gains possession of the basketball after a rebound or pass and sets up in position to do one of three things: Dribble, pass, or shoot.
Which route the player takes should be based upon the openings presented by the defense, but also the strong points in that player’s particular game.
For example, players who have developed a fine arc on their shots with the help of the ProShot Return basketball rebounder may be experts at shooting over a defender from the top of the key.
Here, we’ll break down each of the three aspects of becoming a triple threat player, which can lead to limitless possibilities in college and beyond.


Well-rounded basketball players should be phenomenal ball handlers, especially in high pressure situations and when surrounded by defenders.
The first aspect of the triple threat is dribbling.
When setting up your dribble after receiving the basketball, be sure you first read the floor and read the defender.
Every situation will be different, so you don’t want to have a pre-scripted set of moves before you even touch the ball.
Gauge the amount of space between you and the defender, see how they react to a jab step, and move accordingly. Remember to move with purpose when transitioning into an attack and always keep your eyes up when dribbling.


An underrated aspect to any basketball superstar’s game, passing can be important and flashy in its own right.
If you assess that you aren’t open to take a shot, and the defender didn’t bite on your jab step or give you enough room to dribble, you can take advantage of their aggressiveness by looping a pass to an open teammate and nabbing an assist.
Passing is a great option to make a play on the perimeter without having to expose your moves or shots.
Be aware of where you’re passing at all times and don’t force the ball anywhere.
You may even wish to fake out your defender with a fake pass before finding another outlet. Either way, passing is another important aspect of the triple threat player.


For guards especially, shooting can be the most exciting part of the triple threat.
Triple threat players should be equipped with a variety of shots, from shooting off the dribble to catch-and-release to pull-up jumpers.
They should also be able to combine the different areas of the triple threat, such as utilizing a dribble to set up a lay-up or other shot.
As a triple threat player, you should always be looking to create scoring opportunities.
With a variety of shots, you can do that from anywhere on the floor.
And, with the ProShot Return basketball rebounder, you can work on your shots more efficiently by not having to chase your own rebounds anymore.
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