Basketball Rebounder

How To Maximize Your Practice Time

Coaches, players, and parents alike know that practice can be frustrating.
After all, practice is the behind-the-scenes daily grind which lacks the excitement, consequence, and pressure situations that games provide.
But practice is often the most crucial, and sometimes overlooked, part of playing organized sports.
When it comes to basketball, there are many different ways you can practice your skills and develop discipline, muscle memory, endurance, strength, and overall ability.
But there’s also a wrong way to practice.
For instance, a longer practice doesn’t necessarily mean a better practice.
That’s why it’s important to maximize your practice to get the most out of the time you spend in the gym to unlock your team’s full potential.
Here are some ProShot tips for how to maximize your practice time.

Set Goals

Players and coaches alike should set a variety of goals for what they want to accomplish throughout the course of each practice, week, month, and the season as a whole.
Breaking your goals down can help you stay on the right track and ensure you are taking the right steps to improvement.
For instance, setting an attainable goal of making 75 percent of your shots in one practice is one way to get better in a day, and can also contribute to a long-term season goal like making 50 percent of your field goal attempts throughout the year.
Writing down your goals and crossing them off as you or your team accomplishes them will help you focus on what you should be working on each day, therefore further maximizing practice time.

Minimize Distractions

Practice should be all about getting better.
While playing basketball should be a fun and enjoyable experience, it should also be clear that there is a time and place for goofing around, and the practice gym isn’t one of them.
Keep players off their phones so they remain focused, and maybe even amp up the energy in the gym by playing music throughout the course of your practice.
The less time you spend on distractions, the more time you can spend getting better.

Increase Your Reps

With the ProShot Return basketball rebounder, you work smarter and harder by increasing the amount of shots you take in a given practice.
We already know the benefits of repetition and muscle memory when it comes to shooting a basketball, so it’s obvious that spending less time chasing your shots and more time perfecting them can pay large dividends when it gets down to crunch time.
Getting the top basketball rebounder on the market set up in your gym will help you develop your players and fine-tune their shooting skills in an efficient manner.
How does it work?
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With the ProShot Return, you’ll be able to set up a variety of shooting drills without having to worry about chasing missed shots.
Our innovative basketball return system will feed the ball back to the desired position each time, meaning you get more reps in less time.
How many more reps? Upwards of 300 percent more for any given amount of time, per the results of our return on investment case study.
That can help you or your team increase your accuracy and shot percentage is just 30 days!
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