Basketball Rebounder

How To Develop Proper Shooting Form

Making the big shot in clutch time doesn’t just happen.

It comes after hours upon hours of honing in on your craft, and working on developing the proper shooting form and techniques required to make your shots successful.

It starts with how you handle and grip the ball, and it ends with how you follow through.

And there are a whole lot of other factors in between that have an impact on how your shots end up.

When it comes to developing proper shooting form, there are a few basics that you need to know.

Furthermore, how often you practice and perfect these fundamentals – whether it’s in a team setting or on your own with a basketball shot trainer like the ProShot Return – plays a big role in whether you will become a clutch shooter or not.

Here are a few tips and points of emphasis that you should consider, practice, and perfect when trying to develop proper shooting form.


Proper shooting form starts with your balance and foot stance. In order to develop a shot properly, you should always make sure that you are properly balanced with your feet shoulder-width apart, slightly staggered with your shooting foot slightly in front of the other. No matter how you stagger your stance, you should make sure it is comfortable and easy to find consistently.


In order to develop and perfect your shooting form, you have to train your eyes properly. Where you concentrate your focus and aim your eyes has a lot to do with where your shot ends up, no matter how close or far you are from the basket. Generally speaking, coaches preach any one of three basic focal points:

  • The Front of the Rim
  • The Back of the Rim
  • The “Imaginary Center” 

All of these are useful, but you should only train yourself to aim for one for consistency’s sake. The imaginary center is the best method to develop a perfect shot, as it’s designed to pick a spot that the ball will pass through in order to produce a swish, but it also takes a great deal of focus and concentration. If you’re looking for an aid, then our basketball shot trainer will help you develop this trait and serve as your own personal rebounder while you perfect your craft.

Hand Control

It’s a general rule of thumb that when you’re attempting a shot, your palm should never touch the ball. Instead, your fingertips should be in full control, which will help with direction and backspin. Furthermore, while your opposite hand is used as a guide for control, it should always be on the side of the ball and not impede with the ball’s flight.

Elbow Alignment

Keep your shooting elbow in, close to your body, and line up perfectly with your target (the hoop). It should also remain perpendicular to the floor so that it doesn’t alter your shot direction.


Arguably the most critical component of a proper shooting form is the follow through. It’s more than just keeping your hand in place as you watch your shot careen toward the hoop, though that is a big part of it. You should make sure you have proper release, focusing on the snap of your wrist rather than pushing or hurtling your arm forward. Allow your support hand to drop off, see through a proper flick of the wrist, and make sure your fingers are evenly spread and hold your follow through until you see that swish.

Practice Smarter

With a proper training aid like the ProShot Return, which is a basketball shot trainer that allows you to take more shots and chase less rebounds, you too can develop the proper shooting form. Learn more and get your ProShot Return here today.