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Basketball Shooting Drills For Beginners

Basketball is a game of precision, skill, speed, and focus.

If you’re new to the game, you’re embarking on a journey that we are sure you will learn to love. But in order to be a successful player, you have to truly embrace the entire process: from learning new techniques to honing your skills through hours of efficient practice.

You have to embrace a willingness to learn, as well as embrace the hard work that comes with playing any organized team sport.

With that being said, basketball – especially the training portion – isn’t meant to be an unenjoyable grind. Among the biggest things you will learn is a love for the game in general, especially when you are taking the proper steps towards success.

Of course, we all know the entire goal of playing basketball is to score points; putting the ball in the hoop and react as the scoreboard lights up and the crowd goes wild is what every player dreams about.

While there are many, many key aspects of the game – from defense to dribbling – we are going to first focus on a handful of basketball shooting drills for beginners in order to help you become a more efficient sharpshooter.

If you’re ready to learn a few new drills and techniques, keep on reading, get those arms ready to shoot some hoops, and learn how a basketball shot trainer can help you improve your game.

BEEF Drill

This is one of the most common beginner-level shooting drills available. It teaches you some of the most important aspects of your shot. In this instance, BEEF stands for:

  • Balance: Practice stability within your foundation, starting with your foot stance. Make sure your feet are slightly staggered and shoulder-width apart before you begin.
  • Elbows-In: You don’t want to create extra movement with an elbow that is pointing outward or moving all over the place. Keep your shooting elbow in and perpendicular to the ground and you’ll notice great improvements on your shooting ability.
  • Eyes: Different coaches preach different things when it comes to the focal point of your eyes while shooting. However, it’s universally known that you need to keep them trained on the same spot every time, whether it’s the front of the rim, back of the rim, or just over the rim. 
  • Follow-Through: After you have all of the other things down, the last thing to be wary of is your follow through. Do you have a proper wrist-snap? Are you holding as the ball reaches the hoop? Your follow-through is where you develop the arc you need to make more shots from different areas on the floor.

Perfect Shot Drill

Developing the perfect shot is more than just making the net “swish.” It’s all about developing the proper arc and shooting technique which will allow you to make more baskets. In this drill, you will choose three spots on the floor. Then, you’ll alternate between those shots, only allowing yourself to move to the next spot if you make a swish. Be sure you hold your shooting form follow through until the shot is made or missed to see what you are doing right or wrong.

ProShot Return

In order to help you maximize your shooting drills, you need the perfect training companion. Our basketball shot trainer, the ProShot Return, allows you to practice without the need to chase your makes and misses. Our rebounder will feed your shots right back to your feet so that you can practice smarter and more efficiently. Use the ProShot Return along with these drills and see your shot improve quickly!