Basketball Rebounder

How To Save Money On Basketball Training Camps

Making it to the next level, especially in a popular and highly competitive sport like basketball, often requires extra work and costs.

That means spending whatever free time you may have in the gym, as well as spending whatever free cash you have on a trainer or a basketball training camp.
In the summertime especially, when the season is over and the need to hoop is nigh, dishing out the dough for a basketball training camp may seem like the best option.

But what if there was an alternative?

Camps can be expensive, after all, sometimes running you hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a week or two of instruction and simulated game action.
What if you could develop your skills in a different way, even when nobody else is around? Would you be interested?

If so, we’d like to introduce to you the ProShot Return, our innovative basketball shot trainer designed to improve and revolutionize the training industry.

The ProShot Return is a basketball rebounding machine that catches your made and missed shots alike, and then utilizes a specially designed chute to return the ball the same spot you shot from.

How does this help you? Well, you can not only improve your shooting form and arc, but you can also improve your muscle memory, become a pro shooting from different spots on the floor, and maximize your practice time by reducing the energy and seconds wasted by chasing off-target shots.

Learn more below and order your innovative ProShot Return here today.

Practice Smarter

With the ProShot Return, you get the ability to practice smarter while working harder. Sure, it’s an investment just like any basketball training camp would be, but there’s a key difference.

With the ProShot Return, you’ll get a return on investment that you can measure in the minutes you spend training and the increased shot output you’ll experience.
The costs of basketball training camps are varied and difficult to estimate, though you can likely expect to spend a minimum of $50 per hour. And for a larger camp or training excursion, you’ll be paying a whole lot more than that, possibly upwards of $3,000 or more for a week of camp.

That’s not even taking into account the other negatives of specialty camps. With all of the other players you’ll be competing with (and against), you have to consider how much individual attention you’ll actually end up getting. And with the surplus of bodies and limited amount of hoops in a single gym, you also have to consider the repetitions you’ll be missing out on.

With the ProShot Return, you can increase your productivity by up to three times per training session, cut down on the amount of private coaching you’ll need by at least half, and eliminate the amount of money wasted on specialty training camps.
Instead, you’ll be afforded the opportunity to practice what you want, when you want, and for how long you want.

More shots equals a greater chance for success. Becoming a budding basketball star doesn’t require hours of professional coaching. It just requires a professional mindset and work ethic.

Get the ProShot Return basketball shot trainer today and increase your potential.