Basketball Rebounder

Learning Tools for Young Basketball Players

Basketball is a fantastic team sport, players need to be able to communicate well with each other and learn that one person can’t keep the ball the entire time. With any sport, it’s a great way for young kids to learn teamwork, communication and it will teach them to be ok when mistakes are made and to not give up, because when you’re just learning something new, mistakes are inevitable. There are three important steps to teaching young kids how to play basketball.


A key piece of equipment is the ProShot Return, a rebounding aid that will direct the ball back to the player.  One of the most frustrating things about learning basketball is shooting the ball at the net, missing, and having to chase the ball around the court. Of course young kids won’t be alone when practicing so there will be someone to help chase the ball, but that time in between shooting, getting the ball back and getting ready to shoot again is valuable time where the player can focus on form and technique. With the ProShot Return, there is a wide net surrounding the entire backboard, so even when the shooter misses entirely, the net will guide the ball into the return and send it back to the player. This way the new player will have more time to focus on their form instead of chasing the ball around.

Lower The Rim

For beginners, an eight or nine foot rim will minimize mistakes. When kids use the standard 10 foot rim, they generally just “chuck” the ball at the net and have a harder time using the correct form. Along with the use of the ProShot Return, where the net extends above the backboard to improve the needed arch of the basketball, beginners will grow their confidence and will return to play again and again.

Don’t Go Too Fast

With young children, taking it slowly will give them the time they need to get used to the feel of the ball, how to shoot and dribble and feel comfortable with the sport. When difficult skills are added into the practice routine too early, it can frustrate the new player. Start with shooting with two hands at different distances from the basket and then shooting with one hand at different distances. Then add dribbling and shooting and then dribbling, pivoting and shooting. Remember, young learners will need a lot of assistance and encouragement. Make things easier by installing the ProShot Return, the basketball rebounder which will return the ball to the shooter so there will be less frustration.

Persistence and practicing daily, starting out slowly, adding more difficult skills as the player becomes more comfortable and most importantly, adding the ProShot Return will give the young player the tools they need to be successful. Following these steps will ensure that young players learn to love the game and have fun with it. Having fun with any sport is essential for anyone when they first start out. Learning form and technique is also important in basketball and learning that first is key to getting better as you play. Shop at ProShot Return and be on your way to more efficient practice.