Basketball Rebounder

Steps to a Pro Career

When you’re just starting out to learn something new, you know it will take a lot of hard work, dedication and constant practice. If your dream is to become a professional basketball player, you probably know that it’s an intensely competitive sport and to reach the professional level there will be a lot of work involved. There are a lot of resources out there to help you begin training, even outside of an organized school team. Coaches and mentors can give you an idea of the skills needed in order to be successful. One of the most important things to know is you will need to practice, practice, practice. When you want help, use the basketball shot trainer, ProShot Return, which allows the ball to be returned back to you with a return attached to the net. When you are just starting out, here is a simple guideline to follow.

Youth Training

Starting young is important, so the fundamental skills are built and perfected from the beginning. Dripping is the first thing that is focused on in summer programs or youth leagues. Start with dribbling with the fingertips and add more difficult skills like walking and dribbling, running and dripping, dribbling at different heights and protecting the ball from defenders. When you are comfortable with dribbling, practice your shooting form. The basketball shot trainer, ProShot Return, will be essential for this step of your training. Instead of chasing the ball all around the court or the driveway, the ball with return to you, so you can focus on your stance, your form and your follow through. The repetitive motions within the free throw shot is important to have down when planning on a career in basketball.

High School

Playing on the high school team is an essential step to becoming a pro basketball player. This will provide essential team building and sportsmanship qualities. It will also instill a sense of competitiveness because you have to try out for the team along with your classmates. High school games is where a lot of college scouts go to look for the stand out players. Players at this stage will have the skills that show scouts that they are capable of playing beyond the high school setting and on Division I college basketball teams. These skills not only include dripping and shooting and being quick, but team skills, leadership and work ethic. Continue practicing with the shooting trainer ProShot Return and reap all of the many benefits.


There are more than 300 colleges that have Division I basketball programs and each college is allowed up to 13 scholarship players. Making it to a college team is a very big accomplishment and a lot of players are satisfied with this step. Being on a college team will allow you to see and feel the dedication is that is required to be the best. You can continue practicing your shooting form with the ProShot Return and hone your skills. Of the Division I college players, 60 will be drafted onto an NBA team. If the NBA isn’t part of your fate, there are other overseas pro leagues that can be very lucrative for some of the best college players.

Moving on Up

When a professional career in basketball is sought after, NBA or otherwise, many players work with professional trainers after their final year of college. This will give you the time to play and focus without the academic responsibilities. You can also see what the professional basketball player life is like.

Whichever step you are at right now, check out the basketball rebounder and shot trainer, ProShot Return. From youth leagues all the way to the pro level, you can have this tool by your side. It is easy to use and has endless benefits.