Basketball Rebounder

1-Hand Form Shooting Drill

There are five seconds left in the game and you get the ball from your teammate to make the final shot. It’s coming down to the buzzer, the pressure is heavy, and the crowd is doing everything except being quiet. It’s at this time that you want your shot to be perfect. With all eyes on you, you don’t only want to make the basket, but you want to do it flawlessly.

To execute this shot perfectly, you need to practice your form over and over again, until it is something you can practically do in your sleep. Rely on your muscle memory to kick in when the seconds are ticking down so you can help your team to victory!

This 1-hand form shooting drill (by FitDeck) has eight steps for you to practice meticulously to perfect the first step of good shooting form.

Remember this mantra for perfect 1-hand form when shooting:

  1. Dominant foot forward
  2. Knees bent
  3. Elbow under
  4. Lock that elbow
  5. Full extension
  6. Follow through
  7. Tight backspin on the ball
  8. Watch the ball go through the basket

Save Time From Chasing The Ball With A Basketball Shot Trainer

Repetition is key when it comes to making proper shooting form a habit. Whether you’re trying to kick an old habit or perfect your shot to help you prepare for college ball, a basketball shot trainer can be the tool you need to take your game to the next level.

The ProShot Return is designed to force the proper arc into every shot, which supports this 1-hand form drill. But that’s not all it does. It’ll funnel the ball from the hoop back to your position so you can save time from chasing shots. Our ROI case study shows players who use the ProShot Return shoot 300 percent more than a player without the rebounder. How does that sound for efficiency?

The ProShot Return: It’s Pro Gear For Pro Results

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