Basketball Rebounder

How To Install The ProShot Return

Time Needed

30-45 minutes from opening the package to throwing your first shot.

Parts, Pieces, And Components

  • Swing Arm
  • Clamp Pole Brackets (2)
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Recovery Hoop
  • Handlebar Locking Mechanism
  • Slide Bracket
  • Slide Pole
  • Net Poles and Locking Mechanisms (4)
  • Net
  • SKLZ Kick-Out Ball Return
  • Instruction Packet
  • Hardware
  • Elastic Cord

Tools Needed To Install

  • Tape Measurer
  • Scissors
  • Socket Wrench
  • Writing Tool
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • 9/16-inch Socket and Open Wrench
  • ½-inch Socket and Open Wrench
  • 7/16-inch Socket and Open Wrench
  • 9/64-inch Socket, a.k.a. Hex Key/Allen Wrench
  • Small, Adjustable Wrench

Pro Tip

The bottom of the net should hang no lower than 9 feet from the ground. The ProShot Return swings around the pole and will catch on a net if it is hanging closer to the ground than 9 feet. If you find the net is hanging too low, it’s probably time for a new net because most nets are around 1 foot in length when new.

  1. Open nuts and bolts bag with the instruction guide in it. Read through the booklet for safety and warranty information. You’ll notice there are not written instructions in the booklet because it’s generally easier for you to watch this video than to read through step-by-step. Check out the last page of the booklet for a list of the components with pictures.
  2. Install the swing arm. (4:00 in video) Use bag number one for all bolts, nuts, and washers that accompany the swing arm. The top of the pole clamps should be installed 29 inches from the bottom of the pole. The two clamps are bolted together around the pole. The long face of the clamps should be parallel to the backboard.
  3. Attach the swing arm to the goal post. (7:40 in video) Do a bit of prep work with the swing arm mount and the bracket before attaching it to the goal post to save yourself from needing three hands. Install the bolt, washers, and wing nut on both the top and bottom of one side. Slide the swing arm around the goal post and finish the bolt assembly to secure the arm. Install the bottom bolt, washers, and wing nut; then, install the locking mechanism as you install the top and middle bolts.
  4. Start assembly for the slide bracket. (11:52 in video) Open bag number two to find the correct hardware. Note: If you do not have bag number two, you are a lucky customer who already has these pieces assembled - skip to 13:14 time in the video for your next step. If you do have bag number two, place the sleeves into the ends of the slide bracket on both sides. Use the allen wrench to tighten all four set screws.
  5. Install the slide pole. (13:14 in video) Open bag number three and first remove the long pin. Feed the elastic cord through the inside of the slide pole and bend the elastic cord at the proper mark. With the holes of the slide pole facing toward the court, insert the slide pole into the receiver of the swing arm. Push the pin through the receiver and slide pole. Tug on the elastic cord to make sure the inside hook catches on the pin, and then connect the exposed hook of the elastic cord to one of the holes on the outside of the slide pole to make sure the cord doesn’t fall. Lock the slide pole into the swing arm using the remaining bolts and nuts from bag three.
  6. Install the slide bracket. (17:36 in video) Take the pre-assembled slide bracket and place it on top of the slide pole - be sure the slide bracket goes over the elastic cord as well. The exterior holes of the slide bracket should line up with the front-facing holes on the slide pole. Slide the bracket all the way to the bottom. The large washers and roller are installed at the top of the slide pole so that the two washers are on either side of the roller and touching the inside of the slide pole; the pin feeds through these components and is locked by the cotter key. To finish this step, install the stop screw at the top to keep the slide bracket in proper place.
  7. Install the handlebar mechanism. (19:55 in video) Open bag number five and grab your 7/16-inch socket and open wrench. Connect the handlebar mechanism to the slide pole bracket at the bottom using four bolt assemblies.
  8. Attach elastic cord to slide mechanism with locking handlebars. (21:35 in video) The goal is to hook the elastic cord to the slide mechanism to make raising and lowering the ProShot Return as easy as possible. First, release the elastic cord and then unlock the handlebar mechanism. Slide the handlebar mechanism up until it hits the stop screw; lock the handlebars again. Making sure the elastic cord is still hooked on the lower pin, pull the elastic cord over the rolling mechanism on the back side to hook to the pin at the bottom of the slide bracket.
  9. Install the recovery hoop assembly. (26:57 in video) Open bag number six and use three bolts, washers, and nuts to attach the recovery hoop to the handlebar locking mechanism. 
  10. Start assembly of the net poles. (29:30 in video) Using bag number seven, attach the short pole to the long net pole; repeat for all four net poles. 
  11. Attach net poles to the recovery hoop. (30:36 in video) The curved portion of the net pole should face the inside of the hoop. Slide a net pole locking mechanism over the bottom of the net pole, insert the net pole into the ear of the recovery hoop, and push the locking mechanism over the rim to secure in place; finish one net pole by assembling the screw, washer, and nut to keep in place. Repeat this for all four net poles.
  12. Install the handlebar grips and the net. (32:45 in video) Open bag eight to find handlebar grips and wire ties. Slide the handlebar grips over the handles on the handlebar locking mechanism. Extend the net poles to the down position and lock them. Taking care to install the net in the correct position (there is a correct front and back), pick up the net from the front two corners. Keep a few ties in your pocket for easy access. With the two front corners in one hand, feed the rest of the net through the recovery hoop so that the corners you’re holding can easily attach onto the front facing net poles. Carefully attach the net with the wire ties to one front pole and then the next front pole. Next, attach the net to the back two net poles. Finally, attach the net to the long net poles with the ties wherever there is a loop on the net pole to keep the net fully attached to the poles. Don’t forget about the four ties to connect the net to the recovery hoop. Secure the net fully by pulling the net tight to the short poles, cinching the ties, and clipping the ends of the ties; the ties along the long pole can be loose as long as the rope line is straight.
  13. Install the return chute. (47:10 in video) The ProShot Return includes the SKLZ Kick Out ball return system; follow the assembly instructions included in that box and then continue to install it to the ProShot Return. Hook the ball return to the lower hole on the recovery hoop; push it all the way through the bottom hole and then feed it through the top to help the recovery chute fit snugly on the recovery hoop. Repeat this for all four clips.


You are now done installing the ProShot Return. Have fun shooting and improving your game with this basketball rebounder!