Basketball Rebounder

Basketball Shooting Drills You Can Do Alone

Here’s a scenario:
It’s Saturday at 7 a.m., and you’re ready to shoot some hoops.
You missed a few shots in last night’s game and want to work on your technique, but nobody else is willing to put in the extra time.
Star players like you know this situation all too well.
While basketball is a team sport, it’s often up to the individuals to take it upon themselves to ensure they are putting in the work to be the best player they can be.
Heck, ProShot Return knows this situation as well, which is why our founder designed our basketball shot trainer out of necessity when he saw his daughter missing out on valuable practice time by chasing shots all alone in the gym.
So, if you’re looking to hit the gym solo and take your game to the next level, here are some basketball shooting drills you can do alone:

Five In A Row

The object here is to make five consecutive shots from different distances. Start in front of the basket and move back one foot each time you complete your objective. This is a great drill for practicing free throws.

Swish Drill

Pick one spot on the floor for this drill. Each swish earns you one point, a make that hits the rim gets you zero points, and a miss deducts one point. Play to five points and then pick a new spot.

Two Minute Drill

Time to beat the clock. Start the drill along the 3-point line and take your shot. The clock begins on your first make, and then you have two minutes to make as many shots as you can from different areas along the arc. You can only shoot from the same spot twice. Try and beat your previous high score each time.

Get Help With The ProShot Return

While you can do all of these solo drills with ease, fetching your own rebounds won’t be as simple.
With the ProShot Return, you won’t ever have to be completely alone. The best basketball shot trainer on the market will be your favorite teammate while you’re practicing your jumpers in the gym, allowing you to have a more productive practice and increase your shooting time by up to 300 percent.
How does it work?
Simple: The ProShot Return eliminates the need to chase a missed shot by attaching our patented basketball shot trainer underneath your hoop.
Our technologically advanced system will catch your makes and misses and feed them back to you in the same spot without having to chase!
The design of the ProShot Return is such that it will also help you improve your shot accuracy and arc, a crucial step towards becoming a great player.
It’s safe, lightweight, and easy to install, and the return chute rotates over 180 degrees so that you can move positions after mastering your shots.
No longer will you waste critical practice time running after shots that bounce off the rim. Instead, you’ll learn to develop a precise shot with a perfect arc, and have your shots returned right to your hands.
Repetition matters when it comes to basketball shot training, so maximize your practice time and your potential even when nobody else is in the gym.
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