Basketball Rebounder

How Repetition Rewires Your Brain For Top Performance

Everybody who plays basketball, or any sport for that matter, wants to be great.
The desire to contribute to a team, win, and ultimately take our game to the next level are certainly driving factors for why we play.
But how does one become great?
Sure, having natural athletic ability can be a plus.
Developing proper mechanics and techniques can be even more beneficial.
But perhaps most the important aspects when it comes to training is rewiring our brains.
You heard that correctly.
Repetition, especially in a sport like basketball, matters big time.
It leads to muscle memory and also calibrates our brains so that we don’t have to think about what we’re doing or why we do it. It just happens.
Repetitive shooting drills aid in this by training not just your body and mechanics, but by training your mind and muscle memory.
Through repetition training, you can develop proper habits and burn them into your mind, setting yourself up for success when you’re in crunch time during a game.
So, how exactly does repetition affect the brain?
Let’s get a little help from Ol’ Lady Science.

Repetition Principle

According to Changing Minds, the repetition principle states that if something happens often enough, eventually you will be persuaded.
While this typically applies to things like advertisements, it can also be applicable to basketball.
Repetition in actions like shooting creates a certain familiarity and improves memory. It can be a key method for learning how to properly shoot and effectively shoot, from your hand form to foot placement to follow-through.
Through shooting repetition, your body will begin to pick up on certain cues and and recognize that the muscles and motions you’re trying to utilize need to be awoken.
This is how muscle memory is also developed, allowing you to reproduce a particular movement without a conscious thought.
When you have developed muscle memory through repetition, your mind or thoughts won’t get in the way when it’s time to hit a big shot. You’ll be ready to catch, aim, and fire - all without missing a beat.

Practice Makes Perfect

So yes, that old adage that your coach has shouted at you for years is actually true.
Practice, and in turn repetition, does make perfect.
However, not just any practice will do.
Repetition can work in the opposite way as well, which is why you need to make sure you’re doing every rep correctly so as not to form bad habits. Instead, make sure your shooting technique is picture-perfect every time so that you can burn the proper form into your muscles and mind.
When it comes to developing these habits, the ProShot Return can help.
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How’s that for gaining repetition memory?
The elevated net on our shot trainer also teaches you how to gain a proper arc on your shots, allowing you to develop a superior shot form naturally through repetition training.
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