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Top Five Things Scouts Look For

Those of you who are sports fans, aren’t just sports fans, you LOVE sports. The competition, the team, the adrenaline, the rush of scoring, the letdown of losing, so many things push you to be better at your game. But are you ready for the big leagues? Do you know what scouts look for when they recruit? Find out what to practice for when a scout comes to your next game. If you want to continue to improve your shooting form and basketball skills, use the ProShot Return.

Top Five Things Scouts Look For

Character & Sportsmanship

Work ethic, sportsmanship and leadership are essential qualities for players who want to play on a pro basketball team. A player can be the most talented person on the court, but if you are constantly getting angry at bad calls or pushing to fight opponents, then that is a huge negative for scouts. Being able to bounce back from a bad call and focus your energy on what needs to be done next rather than focusing on the bad call will give you an edge. Leadership and work ethic go hand in hand. Working hard and practicing continuously will show other players that you are serious about your game and others will want to do the same. Remaining cool under pressure shows that you can handle situations which are beyond your control and that you can keep your mind on the game.

Athleticism & Body Frame

Skill level is obviously important for any potential pro basketball player. Skills like vertical ability or jumping, getting to the rim easily is certainly an advantage, but also the ability to bounce. Players who can bounce can release jump shots easier and rebound better so that they can get the ball away from the opponents. Players who are quick on their feet as well have an edge. Being quick on your feet allows you to play competitive defense. Using your body size to your advantage can be key, like being quick and nimble. Dribbling as well as being quick on your feet is essential. Players with a good first step and breakaway speed are very hard to guard. Scouts will not only look at a player’s size and frame, but also what they are capable of doing with that size. Improve your athleticism with pro basketball training system ProShot Return.


Using both left and right hands doesn’t happen very often in day-to-day life, unless you want to be a pro basketball player. Being able to dribble with both hands will give you the opportunity to move in and around your opponents and find the best route to the rim. Using the basketball shot trainer will allow you to practice with both hands without the interruption of having to chase the ball around.


Being able to play multiple positions will give you a huge advantage over other players. Not only multiple positions, but being able to handle the ball, shooting, passing, rebounding and fast-break skills. Practicing different moves with drills and practice games will improve your ability in all of these cases. Versatility will show scouts that you have put in the time to practice everything. Maybe you aren’t the tallest player on the court, but when you can move quickly, dribble well and play multiple positions or are good at multiple basketball skills, scouts will see that you are a well rounded player.

Instincts & Court Awareness

A player can be a below-average player, but if you have the awareness of what is going on around you, then you can jump to the top of the scouts list. Having the ball in your hands and being able to dribble is a good start, but knowing what to do with the ball, when and who to pass it to, where all of your opponents are on the court, having these timing and awareness instincts is a skill that not all players have.

Not all of these characteristics are things that you can practice. Having instincts on the court may come naturally and being a good sportsman might have always been in your blood, but when you need to practice your free throw shots, use the basketball shot trainer, ProShot Return. Check out the system that will give you better basketball shooting skills and will impress that scout at your next game.