ProShot Return - The Basketball Shot Trainer And Rebound Aid


Product Description

The ProShot Return.. It's Pro Gear for Pro Results !

  • The ProShot Return is a professionally engineered & patented Shot Trainer for use outdoors.
  • It fits any vertical round basketball goal pole 3.5 inch in diameter and larger 
  • This basketball rebounder is for those who are serious about basketball or just starting out.
  • Serious players can save as much as $3,254.00, increase practice time efficiency and receive a 500% Return On Investment. Check out our ROI case study.

See The ProShot Return In Action

Founder and Inventor of the ProShot Return states, "The ProShot Return was created to help my daughter improve her shot form and to increase her training productivity while working towards a collegiate basketball career."

See How The ProShot Return Can Improve Your Game In 30 Days!

The great thing about this basketball return net is that it raises higher than the goal which forces an improved shot form with a greater shot arc. In turn, this increases your shot percentage naturally. The ball then falls into the recovery chute and sends it back to the shooter for another shot. Whether you’re a player yourself who loves the repetition of countless shots, a coach, or a parent who is tired of chasing missed shots around the court, you’ll love the easy-to-use ProShot Return. Not to mention, it'll improve your skill set for when the scouts come watch.

  • Intended for full-size outdoor round vertical goal poles
  • Remains on the pole when not in use
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Aids shooting from all positions on the court

Learn How To Assemble And Install The ProShot Return Step-By-Step